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Studio 1
146 Seven Sisters Road
N7 7PL

Tel: (020) 7686 6111

Peter Hillel - 07973 562784
Jim Pennington - 07971 268844

.. we continue to have goods-in-transit storage and warehouse facilities ..
Unit 1, 110 Mount View Road, London N4 4JX

and we persist with our commitment to outstanding service, knowledge and
delivery in all things to do with print.

Lithosphere are print managers and troubleshooters.

If you have considerable printing requirements, but your organisation cannot justify employing a full scale department of print-buying professionals or
you want to subcontract all the problems associated with getting your printing done, whilst not losing any control, then do, please, get in touch: - even if you have just one project. Lithosphere, Studio 1, 146 Seven Sisters Road, N7 7PL
Tel: (020) 7686 6111,
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